Monday, May 26, 2014

NOW THEY HAVE WINGS God made them Himself when earth He was creating. He made them special – He knew the world was waiting. They came to earth with four little paws, a little round belly and eyes filled with awe. Adam named them, it seems to honor God. He spelled it backwards and it came out “dog.” You know when He made them, God had a plan. Dogs would become the best friend of man. Some would pull sleds, herd cattle, or sheep. Some would protect others as they sleep. They lead the blind, aide the lame and weak. Others work with policemen and drugs they seek. Some can find bombs, chase felons, locate the lost. We train them to help whatever the cost. They are soldiers at war worthy and strong, protecting America from those who do wrong. Many are mistreated, left, abused, or made to fight. Their hearts don’t want this. They know it’s not right. Man is the beast thinking only to profit from their pain. In the end man will find there is no gain. No gains from the suffering of hearts of gold – hearts who want to love, comfort and grow old. No matter what their jobs or their duties, each one is filled with love, trust and beauty. Some run their hearts out around a ring. They ask for nothing, these dogs regal as kings. They run and they run, win, place or lose. They do as they are told, their lot they can’t choose. Happy as can be as each day passes, they run to win past lads and lasses. When one day their time to run is over, you might think they’d dream of rolling in clover. But of rolling in clover, they do not know and I doubt that many have rolled in snow. Their life is the ring until they are through, then we must find them a life brand new. They are tested to see if with cats they can live then we search for homes new life to give. A mommy and/or daddy with time and love, giving them what God intends looking down from above. A home full of love, a soft bed, kisses and hugs, a yard to run in to chase squirrels and bugs. Maybe some children who love to play or curl up beside them and on their bed lay. They steal our hearts, put stars in our eyes and make us happy as we watch them fly by. So loyal, so sweet, so patient and undemanding. The best pets and companions all others withstanding. Sometimes they are young and we have many years together. Sometimes they are old and many storms they have weathered. These old ones are so special, their hearts so sweet. Their eyes so big and wise, only love do they seek. Those of us who know this and give them a home, are blessed from above with more joy than most have known. It is as if they know we are their last ones to love, their last chance to shine before God takes them above. It might be a few years, it might be months or just weeks. But each day is precious, though more we would seek. We want to hold on to such a precious gift, but God knows the time and their spirits He will lift. He lifts them to run on golden streets, and maybe at night they sleep at His feet. We don’t really know what they do or where they wait, but I expect them to meet me at the gate! Is there really a bridge of rainbows, with flowers blooming purple on low hanging vines. Is it here they are playing until our time? We are not promised a number of days or a length of time in which to mend our ways. I just know dogs go to Heaven, no matter what some people say. There are many people waiting for me to join them above. I’ve had a long life filled with love. These people, of course, mean more than pets, but how sad a world without pets – as sad as it gets. Many pets wait for me of many breeds. Each and every one I am anxious to see. Each one was different, they all were sweet. I know one day again we will meet! They have worked with servants, they have feasted with kings, THEY ARE BORN WITH PAWS AND NOW THEY HAVE WINGS! Dedicated to, and in memory of Dude and Pooter, Amanda Moore’s special angels. Copyright Laura Blanton January 31, 2014

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