Wednesday, September 16, 2015


A conversation with my very dear nephew last night spurred me to write this today. It started out a silly limirick, (as you can see), and turned into an essay! This often happens, and apparently, for a reason. Writing this was very cathartic for me. I needed to write it and I feel better now. I share it because there may be someone out there it will help. God always has a reason when He lays someting on our hearts. A LITTLE GIRL’S LIFE There once was a man named Slaughter who couldn’t understand his daughter. ”She is spoiled and lazy, maybe a little crazy. But she isn’t sick and, THAT I know. SHE just needs to get up and go!” Over the years there were struggles and strife. No one could fix them, not even his wife. His wife loved her child, but was mild and meek. So the child suffered week after week. Her pains were real as she tried to tell him, but there was so much stubbornness and jealousy between them. He pushed and pushed trying to teach her what was right. She tried and tried with all of her might. You see she loved him so much and coveted his favor, But all she received were harsh words too bitter to savor. She simply could not work as hard as he demanded. There were things inside of her - real things that nature had planted. We will never know why things inside her went wrong, but these problems persisted and the weeks and years were long. “It’s all in your head”, the words would fly. “Whether in my head or my stomach, it still hurts,” she would cry. Even her mother couldn’t understand and there was no way she was going to stand UP to her man. “Every girl has a period since the beginning of time. You must go to school, or I’ve committed a crime.” So over the years through all of her pains, the girl went to school and tried to fill her brain. What else could she do? She was but a child. She had no way of knowing things inside her were wild. Her insides were scrambled – too much of this, too few of those. How this happened, nobody knows. Finally one day after 25 years of travail, a doctor looked at her and realized she was so pale. “Her life is not worth a nickel,” he said to the wife. “We must find out what is wrong or this will end her life.” After three weeks in the hospital, two surgeries and many tests, the mystery was finally put to rest. “There may have been a twin daughter with her in your womb. We removed a huge cyst and tried to make room. She needs room for two sets of female organs to do their jobs. But we are afraid of bearing children your daughter has been robbed.” Then the third surgeon who had worked inside of her body, said “she has but one kidney and is such an oddity. She should be fine with just the one, but though the rest of her life she must be careful – it won’t be fun. Medical journals will be filled with her plight, for we are all writing this very night.” The girl was so hurt and crushed to the bone. Now in her old age she would be alone. No children to love, teach and cherish, and in her old age, alone she would perish. She didn’t know just how many children her life would touch, for God really did love her so very much. Nephews and nieces, step-daughters and their babies, would all fill her life with love and the crazies! So, she really was sick all of those years and her problems would continue – the pain and the tears. She let it get so bad that in her sixties she could hardly walk. Then one day God sat her down for a talk. He made her realize though a rough life she had be dealt, she was still very blessed and had a lot of wealth. A wealth of people she loved and they loved her back. She had many talents she also must get back on track. He sent her a doctor filled with knowledge and truth and made him listen, the first time since her youth. God gave him the answers to her ills, and led him to give her the right treatment and pills! With the doctor’s help and a drive to be whole, she worked through the pain and let nothing take a toll. For the first time in her life she has hope for a cure and of a bright future she is sure. Thank God someone listened after all of these years! She is getting well, of that she has no fear. She spent the summer playing with kids and being bold. Her husband tells everyone, “that is my 12 year old.” She reads her bible, (God’s instruction book), and up to heaven for her answers does she look. She does not dwell on the years that were wasted, but looks to God and her spirit He chastens. There is still much work that needs to be done, and with her healing she is the one. The one to sing His praises whenever He calls and He will catch her when she falls. The one to share His love and the story of His Son, to tell of the three who make up the One. She was born to serve Him and to mother the lost: to give shelter, love and food whatever the cost. She is not really barren, but the mother of many, for of motherless children there are plenty. There are so many who need her care and she is blessed by just being there. Loving God and sharing His grace, has given her new life and put a smile on her face. It is God shining in her face and singing with her voice. She is so filled with gratitude, it is the only choice. God, thank you for giving her these words today, and reminding her we now look at things in a new way. Please keep her thoughts on a higher plain and her eyes on you. Don’t let the devil and his doubts break through. There is much to be done and she needs to keep busy. Though she is a bit lonely and her head is dizzy. Lift her up with Your Arms and keep her gait steady. She has so much to give and wants to be ready! No one knows what the future might hold, but we have our bibles with words of old. Truths then and now to guide our way so on the path to heaven we can stay. God lead the girl and work in her life so the rest of her years she can be a good wife. A good wife and mother to all who are pleading, and help her to show them Your love they are needing. Laura Blanton September 16, 2015

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